Returning to the Blogsphere and 30 Day Challenges

Today, I return to this blog with a little bit of a plan.

It is probably not a great plan, and I know it’s not a very original one either. But the purpose of this blog was never to be original. It was never even to be great. It was maybe to be witty but mostly to be a motivational instrument for myself. While having a reader or two might be nice, (Hello there reader!) it is essentially not very essential.

What is maybe a bit essential is to not just toss up utter crap. At least I hope this will not be crap-ola here, maybe the occasional ranting, but alas not much.

I want to see things in a better light. I want to inspire myself to write better and to live better. I want to make a collection of the kind of things that I can learn from (like other blogs and articles) and a blue print of who I can become (healthier, more active, friendlier and less judgy{what? it could so be a word!}].

So today, I’m ripping right off of the net here. My not-a-plan plan is to do a bit of a self-evaluation and progress by way of challenges. The normal 30 Day things seem to be fun and might be just the kind of kick I need 😉

For this ‘month’ I will be doing the Blog Challenge and, starting Friday, I will be trying my best at the Spring Cleaning Challenge. Because (and if you will, you can imagine me jumping up and down in utter glee here) IT IS FINALLY GOING TO BE SPRING! It has been a crazy Winter in the East coast here, and the thought of no more snow storms every other day is almost like a forgotten dream.

To say that I was very tempted to grab more salt for the outside just two days ago says a lot.

The Blog Challenge is a little incentive to write something every day. Maybe even ahead of schedule. That would be kind of really exciting! Today would be Day One, but that will be a second, quicker, posting.

The Spring Cleaning Challenge is off of PopSugar. It too is 30 days, and small tasks around the house. Should be simple enough, manageable at least. It won’t be posted here, but I might talk more about it later. (If it goes well…)

What about you? Are you starting or planning anything new anytime soon? Any plans for spring?

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