10 Fave Foods ~ Blog Challenge D.11

Some nights, I lay awake wondering: What do I love more: books or food?

On one hand, one is the fuel to keep you going and thriving. It’s a treat to all of your senses, or a complete and utter disaster for them to have to recall. On the other, it is a fuel and force that many don’t understand. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and having it go hungry is just wrong!

Alas, I have come to the conclusion that one is simple incomplete without both the love of a good meal, and the love of a good book.

For variety’s sake (and so I just don’t list out ten different chocolates I love), I thought I would divvy up the 10 foods into 5 desserts and 5 entrees I love.


  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ The choco chip is my all-time favorite dessert of anything! I goes great as a cake, with ice cream, with pies, with a milkshake, with tea, and last but never least all by its self! I can’t even say chocolate chip cookie without a smile (Unless I’m saying, someone ate my chocolate chip cookies!)
  2. Arroz de Dulce ~ (literally Sweet Rice) There is something so simple and enticing of a good rice pudding. My great aunt made some really good arroz de dulce, and I still strongly remember the scents of it in her kitchen. Every time I’ve had some since her passing a few summers ago, I think back on her and smile. Alternatively, I love rice puddings too, but they’re just not the same thing.
  3. Empanadas ~ Another great Latin treat! My favorites are the cheese and onion filled ones, but they come in varied meats and even beans too! And yes, I know that the thought of cheese and onions sounds kind of offensive, but believe me it’s heavenly! I am the pickiest eater I know, and if I tell you you will not get a mouthful of onions (if they’re done right) and you will not stink of onions either, then you have to believe me! A little bit of sugar inside the puffed up insides doesn’t hurt in the least, but if you use a really good mozzarella, you don’t even need it.
  4. Coffee Cake ~ So. Many. Varieties. I love most cakes, but there’s something about a good coffee cake that just leaves your mouth watery. And I don’t even like coffee! I do tend to keep away from the ones made with liquor, but even those are yummy too. And yes, the alcohol will evaporate. You won’t get yourself or your kids drunk off of it. 🙂
  5. Ice Cream ~ In all of its forms (milkshakes, sundaes, bars, sticks, cups, popsicles, frozen fruits, etc.), ice cream is a treat! Maybe it’s because I was born in the summer, who knows, but just the very thought of sitting down to eat some ice cream brings a happy glint to my eye. Or that could the fog build up against my glasses from the open freezers, who knows.


  1. Lasagna ~ I like most pastas, but I think it’s the fact that I so very rarely have lasagna that makes me love it so so much! I have made it only a handful of times, but I have made it very very good! Usually, I prefer having someone else make it. Then, come whatever holiday it is that it was cooked up, I will have my healthy serving of it, Multiple times. And while the traditional ways of lasagna are tried and true to my heart, I am usually pretty keen on testing out a new one – like a veggie lasagna, or pasta free squash one. I like the versatility.
  2. Chicken Parmesan  ~ What is there not to love about this homey, tummy happy dish? You get the good crunchyness of fried chicken, cheesy sauce on top, and the whole house smells of good times and love. If there are baked potatoes to boot, I will likely pass out with a happy belly full.
  3. Meatballs ~ The spaghetti part is optional, though I do like that too. But a nice big meatball, good homemade sauce? I don’t even care what the rest of the plate has on it, I’m going to just keep wanting meatballs.
  4. Salad ~ Especially a good chicken salad! The added benefit of knowing you’re eating something that is good for you just seems to make the whole meal better. I like my salads with a bit of parsley, pepper, olive oil, and maybe some salt. I don’t like salad dressings. I keep mostly to lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, and maybe some bacon bits or potatoes, especially some sweet potato fries. Mmm.
  5. Beef Stew ~ Soups are nice and all, but a beef stew, a good stew, is hearty. Some soups are a great precursor to a meal, but a stew is the meal! It’s chunk full of big chunky pieces of meet, potatoes and vegetables all warm and practically melting in your mouth. And if the weather is bleh outside, nothing makes you feel more at home than a nice beef stew.

Bonus Food! ~ Cheesecakes ~ I love cheesecakes. I didn’t use to when I was little (Because I was an even pickier about food then. And I don’t like cheese. Yes, please ignore all the cheese related foods mentioned above :)) But now I love them! And I make really good cheesecakes. Like the kind people call you in advance to a holiday to make sure you make your cheesecakes. Or offer to go and buy your ingredients. Or offer to pay you for your recipe. Gooooood cheesecake.

Bon Appetit!

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