Review – The Am. Adventures of Toby the TrilbyD

The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby By Angela C. Castillo

I received this story through Story Cartel for a review. What first intrigued me was this little boy having lived all his life underground. I knew that he would have to venture out, and I wanted to know about what he would think of the world he met.

What I did not realize was that this was a Christian story, though this isn’t something that bothered me, I just hadn’t known it going in. The first “Voice” however, not knowing of its intent, did make me suspicious. But all in all, this is a very nice story.

I most enjoyed that Toby has such a compassionate heart. How he was able to see good in just about everything, and his resilience on his journey. He faced some pretty harsh moments, scary times, but through it he was able to follow his heart and hold on to the belief that he had a greater purpose.

The only thing I would caution on is the hearing of a Voice that no one else hears. While this works really well within the story, (and it wasn’t creepy or out to get him, like I originally thought) I would caution for children too young. Otherwise, I think this is a nice story to read to your kid, or have them read. It’s simple enough to follow along with, beautiful creative imagery for a post “Great Calamity” world, and quite the little adventure. I especially liked the fact that his family is truly one of the heart.

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