What’s In Your Bag/Wallet? – Blog Challenge D.9

What’s in the Bag? I have a cute bag. Basic. Dark. One large section and a small inner section that has a zipper. I used to have this other bag, that used to be my sister’s. It was a jean purse and it had a long strap that i could put it over my shoulder. I used it on school trips, stuff like that. Then my sister made fun of me a little, because the bag was old, and looked it. I saw a bag, like five years ago, the one I use now, when I was out with my mom, and she bought it for me. My point is, I don’t use bags. I use my pockets mostly. The last time I pulled out my bag was for my abuela’s funeral. Currently, it has like three extra packets of tissues, mints, gum, and two of the little prayer papers that they gave out at the funeral with my grandmother’s name and dates of life. I had my camera in it, but I wasn’t going to take a handheld video camera to a funeral. And this post is officially depressing. Sorry about that! Love you Abue!

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