Midweek Mayhems – Why I Will Not Get EZPass and Other User Friendly Things

Almost everyone I know has EZPass, credit cards, uses ATMs, ecetera, ecetera I do not.

Let’s start with an itty bitty story. Once upon a twelve or so years ago, on one of our many many many trips to the great city of New York, as we were in the long and slow lanes for yet another toll, I remember someone asking my dad why he didn’t just get an EZPass. It was likely a question based from frustration, seeing as how the EZPass lanes’ cars were practically NASCAR racers compared to the pace we were moving.

“People need jobs,” my father said. “If everyone went there (to the EZPass) then where would these people go?”

And it just clicked. Come rain, snow, wind, whatever, if the roads are opened, the toll booths people are there, doing their jobs. And for whoever has to go collect the tokens/coins only lanes (how do they do that?) that must be a person too.

With all of the increasing job losses and outsourcing, the fact that less and less people are finding work is depressing. We have a crap economy right now, let’s face it. No matter how often or how high the so-called “new jobs” that are reported each month, the numbers of stores/factories/businesses closures and laidoff workers is still increasing. Hospitals, policemen, teachers, everything seems to be downsizing, but our needs aren’t.

There isn’t a lot I can do in the long run. And while yes, EZPass might save you a few bucks here and there, is it really worth the cost of someone’s job? Same goes for the self-checkouts in the stores, or most ATMs. And the last one isn’t just because I seem incredible techno challenged with the things and I’ve seen to many movies where people get robbed from them. It’s more because of the times I’ve been with my mother, walking into the bank, and the personal touch of someone recognizing you for years and years. Seeing them in the stores and their interest in your well being to an extend.

Now, I’m the kind of person that, if I can solve something through an email or a website’s FAQ, I’m not going to call the service lines. But, I get the need to have an actual person on the receiving line! Is there anyone who isn’t sick and tired of picking up their phone, just to hear a animated computer voice trying to sound like a person?

Or the fact that an actual person is starting to sound like a computer?

And while I might be getting into a credit card soon (my credit needs a boost), I still prefer to have cash around and a person handle it. I don’t know, I just think people are falling pray to becoming too reliant on things instead of people. Wall-E much? Terminator series? Have we not been warned?!

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