When A Stranger Calls

No, this isn’t a movie review.

Did I lose many of you now? Sorry!

As the title implies, I think we’ve all had moments when strangers call. For me, if it’s on the house landline, I answer it. First because we still don’t have caller ID on it, so we have no idea who’s calling unless we answer it. Secondly, we’ve had that number forEVER (18 years approximately). So yeah, you end up with a few odd calls.

But my cell phone? No sir!

I’ve had my phone for almost two years. The number for almost four. There are few, very few, people who have my number. 90 percent of them are family.

And my cell has caller ID.

What am I getting at? Well, it freaks me out when an unknown number calls my cell. Even more so when they don’t leave a message.

Machines leave messages. Friends and family leave messages. Creepy possible stalker people? No messages!

Now, I’m not saying I have stalkers. I’m not even saying that the people calling are creepy!

I am however saying I do not, and will not, pick up for numbers I don’t know. Especially blocked numbers!

I read too much and watch way more TV and movies than what can be healthy. I have thrillers and horrors and dramas in the mind when I see an unknown number.

This is great in a story, but not in my Real Life! And yes, there have been a few creepy people in the past- when I used to answer all calls. You live, you learn, you stop answering unknown numbers!

So whoever just called my cellphone, leave a message and don’t call ever again! I will block your number as soon as I get out from under the covers.

Anyone have any horror call stories? Really creepy, stalker calls in your past? Share them in the comments! Clearly I need to be further traumatized.

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