Site Worth Watching ~ Pacemaker Writing Schedule

I don’t know about you guys, but even though I love writing, I find it a little hard to get to the laptop and pound out some words every day. If you’ve tried anything like NaNoWriMo, then you know the (what’s a good word here?) charge you get from having the ticking timeline of the month-long challenge. Also, it’s great to use the forums and ll of that too. (Check it out if you have never been!)

Last week, I found this site: Pacemaker Writing Schedule.

Here, you can make your own writing schedule! My personal favorite thing about this is that you have the option of how to approach the schedule. You can have something like Nano, where there’s a set word count number for each day, one where it gradually increases the word count, one where it lessens, and (my favorite) one where the word counts are just random!

The picture is a screenshot of one of the schedules I made. It is for 52 days, and it is random. Some days, the word count is less than 100 words, some days it passes 2,000. And you can add “cushion” days, schedule weekends off, increase or decrease the intensity. It is really versatile, and I like not being so tied down to a “habit”, but still being expected to write.

There are also a few ways to view the schedule: by graph, progress plan, calendar, and in a table. I like the table best, but it’s nice to look at charts too. Oh, and did I mention you can save a schedule for yourself? Once you have your information all in, you can save a link to the schedule and Boom, there you have it!

Check it out for the none NaNo months. 🙂 Happy Writing!

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