The Blog Challenge – D.1

30 Day Blog Challenge

The Great Blog Challenge of 2015, or you know, whenever.

I’ve seen these things for the past few years, and since I’m not really ever too into my blog (before, because here I am, trying to change that!) I never really bothered doing things like this. But Today is a Good A Day as Any. And why not start today?

Actually, I started thinking about this back on Thursday. But it didn’t feel like a good time to start a challenge. Or much of anything. So close to the weekend! And it was raining. So I mostly watched movies and thought about it.

But today is Monday and here it is, the blog challenge!

I picked this particular challenge, out of many many many blog challenges out there, mostly because I like two things in particular. The first is the last question, the hopes for the blog, and one I will try to think about throughout the challenge. And the second is on Day 18. The photo. I might be able to get a good pic of myself by then, but I have another idea that I want to try. And most of the other challenges had the Photo on day two or four or something early, and that just didn’t give me time!

So there it is. The Big Bad Blog Challenge.

And since today is Day One, I will Answer that Q now.

My Blog Name.

It is my name, and my ambition. I am Ann, and I want to be a writer. This is one of those Visualize Your Success kind of things. And it is much easier to visualize myself as a writer if I can further develop the habit of writing. Or rather, the consistency of writing and blogging and updating. I have the habit down pat. I write all of the time! It’s completing and enjoying the end products that I have to get the wing of. Pretty basic stuff really. Might get fancy-smancy some later day, but for now, it is enough.

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