And so, this is May (Or how Twitter started taking over my Life)

While I was trying to get into the habit of writing more and updating often. And then, I joined twitter.

So what happened was, I’ve been hearing a lot about twitter lately. I’m not the kind to jump into something because reverting else has. I started my MySpace page practically the last year it was relevant. My Facebook page is 80% family and 20% friends. There are no people I don’t know on it, and I rather ignore a lot of people than to cringe at having to add someone I really don’t get along with.

And now, I’ve got a twitter. The strangest thing is, for the first time I want to reach out. I want to connect. I want to get into other people’s lists and get them into mine. Followers is what they’re called.

I actually want to be followed. It’s strange, but I think really long about what I will “tweet”. 140 characters is a lot of responsibility. Sometimes, I turn towards comedy. Sometimes, I want to just about out to the things I watch or read or listen to. I like reading about what others are reading, watching and listening to. Sometimes, I just retweet.

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month. Maybe now in May, this can be a whole new leaf. Twitter and blogging. Re-embracing my WordPress.

Has anyone else fallen to the silvery lights and whistles and charms that is twitter? You can find me @EchoDylan.

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