What’s His *#*$%*^ Name!?!?!

Last week, it happened again.

Mostly, I welcome this radical change. It pumps me up like only chocolate, baking, and a good run can.

Of which, of course, I’m talking about a new idea.

Ideas are like rain drops. They came many, sometimes unforecasted, sometimes inevitable. They can either brighten your day, or ruin it with no repair.

I like getting new ideas, because the fresher the idea, the more notes I can jot down. Sometimes, an idea ends up being an addition to an already established idea. I LOVE those. It’s like finding the missing puzzle piece, or more accurately another puzzle piece, because a writing puzzle is never quite complete.

This one idea came at the climax of the story. It came in a dream and it only gave me one of the characters names.

Normally, this would be okay. I can find other names, no problem. I love names. But this particular name, came with the knowledge that the kid was named after the first movie his parents saw together. It was either a comedy or an action, and a horrible date movie. It was also what the rest of the kids were named after.

The character is named Jacob, called mostly Jake, and he’s nineteen and he’s the second oldest. The movie is supposed to be from the 80s or late 70s. That is all I know from my dream.

Normally, I could make up a movie, no sweat. But I wanted to try and find a real movie.

How many Jake/Jacobs were in 70/80s movies. Like, none!

There were plenty of JACKS and JOES though. And Johns. And Mikes.

And now I have no idea what to name Jake’s older brother, or the three other kids his parents had. I would shorten the family roll call, but part of the problem is that they’re a rather large family in a time when it would really be beneficial to be a much smaller group. But they all play a big part in saving humanity.

Yeah, it was a very strange dream.

I’m going to go glare at a baby book, movie list, and all the John/Jack/Mikes in the world until I find some inspiration.

Names are usually so easy for me. I hate when I have to stop the process and actually think about it. I can’t have a story with just Jake named…or can I??

Off to ponder possibilities…

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