Dream Job – Blog Challenge D.4

My Dreamest Dream Job is to be a published author. I had the normal dreams as a kid; teacher, astronaut, motocross racer (I might have been a weird kid), inline skater…I actually can’t think of anything else I wanted to be. From the age of 8 onwards, I pretty much just wanted to be a writer.

It’s funny how you just don’t think about things as a kid. I read books and went to school, but the thought that you could make a living as a book writer blew my mind at about that age. But really, really, it wasn’t until I was 12 that I started thinking about it more and creating stories.

The first person I ever told was in the fifth grade, my best friend at the time K. She was like me, a dreamer and creative and super friendly. Well, she was super friendly. I was a bit of a not so nice kid, more like a tad bit aggressive tomboy. But she was girlie and funny and there weren’t that many girls I hung out with.

In the sixth grade, we wrote a story together. It as a bout twins that got separated and then plotted against their parents when they realized that they had been separated. No, not like the parent trap. These weren’t identical twins, they were fraternal, boy-girl twins. And the dad ended up with the girl (though he had taken the boy) and the mom with the son. It was the kind of story that really just makes sense when you’re 12.

And then K moved away and I never wrote another story with someone again.

But I never stopped writing, creating, dreaming. I don’t honestly think I could if I tried.

I have a brother that is 1½ years older than me and two grade levels above me, a sister that is 4½ years 5 grade levels older than me. I was always over their shoulders, reading over their assignments and notes and all kinds of things. It might have possibly made me smarter, but it definitely made me read things that were grade levels above mine. It made me feel so cool. Yes, I was the kid that saw reading and stories and being smart as cool. Going out and partying always sounded dumb to me. Geek Alert!

(My ultimate super dream would be to write a book worthy of being a must read, recommended by a teacher or a librarian. I think I would faint if one of my books was ever on a school reading list. That to me has always meant the best of the books. And if it’s banned, let’s just say I wouldn’t be upset. Not with the long, long list of amazing stories that have been banned. In fact, I may be honored.)

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