Book Review – Anni Moon & the Elemental Artifact

A cute story full of fun and adventure. This story follows Anni Moon and her best friend, Lexi Waterstone. The two girls knew very little about themselves, are both orphans, and have each lost the one person that they looked at like family. And as the story begins, they are about to lose the only place they have ever called home, Waterstone Academy for Girls.

There are changes in the girls lives that they can’t control, so the first chance that they get to have a little say in their lives, they take it, and it leads them to quite the adventure. Anni is a determined, brave little girl (who is often in trouble). Lexi is her opposite, and her balance. And Lexi carries a secret that she wishes she could share with Anni. And then, Lexi disappears. Anni is determined to find her! Her reactions and thoughts are so genuine to that of a young girl, it’s more than a pleasure to read. As the world around Anni unfolds, and new characters come out, you find yourself a little overwhelmed with trying to keep track of who is who and what is going on, but in a way this is good, because Anni too is confused. All the while, fighting a “Funk” she had no idea even existed. But the further Anni goes and the more you learn, the faster you will read through this. The only real pity is when you come to the end, and you just want to keep going.

And I really liked the illustrations too, very cute. Except when they’re not (chapters 26 and 42, I’m looking at you!).

This is an easy read, but not something just for young readers. Readers of all ages should be able to jump right into Anni’s story and follow along with her adventures. I got this book through Story Cartel, and upon finishing this, I cannot wait to both read it again with my niece (6) and to get more of Anni’s adventures in the books to come. My niece is learning to read, and while I know I will have to help her with any words, I think she will really enjoy this. But I wouldn’t stop at just reading this to girls. It should be read to boys too, so they can see the kind of adventures that a cool, smart girl like Anni can have.

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