Midweek Mayhems – Being the Healthy One

It is Wednesday, and as such, I am thinking back on the week – or the last few weeks as it may be. Today, I will point out in some of the ways it sucks and is also kind of nice, being the only one home that is healthy.

  • It sucks because everyone around you is ill. That is just yucky. I am an inch away from walking around with Lysol in my backpocket.
  • It sucks because the weather is not helping in the slightest either. Snow. Sun. Rain. Sun. Snow. Rain. Sun. Ahh! With the ups and downs outside, there is no way that the people inside can find their internal balance.
  • And it sucks because everyone is drowsy from the various medicines.

But it’s also kind of nice.

  • People may be a bit grumpier, (A lot.) but they’re also a bit more grateful. It’s hard to explain, because they don’t say thank you often, but when people are sick and they know they can’t do everything and you do something for them, they are thankful. Even in silence.
  • She who makes the tea/soup is a God. Well, not really, but it’s like you’re bringing in the last remaining cup of water to a thirsty man. I almost feel like I should don a cape.
  • Everyone goes to sleep earlier. I love being up by myself, and I’m usually the last one to sleep as it is, but when others around you go to sleep even earlier it’s like a bonus round. I don’t even know what to do with the extra hours. Movie, dance, read, the possibilities!
  • Designated menu maker. While this can be good or bad, but I generally like cooking, though it’s not as great as baking, so this is usually a good. It means I can go days and days without having to smell fish. (I won’t cook what I won’t eat, and I do not eat seafood.)

I am hoping that everyone everywhere is healthy this evening, and hoping that those around me get healthy soon. Also, I may give myself (and my immune system) more kudos than it deserves. I am a sloth when I am ill, so it’s only right to return the favor to those that help you. Here are some ways to keep yourself healthy:

  • Drink lots of water! All fluids, but especially water.
  • Eat varied meals.
  • Wash your hands like you’re in a preschool. (So like every fifteen minutes. There are germs everywhere.) Maybe not so much, but often.
  • Teach healthy habits. When you’re leading by example, the pressure of little eyes on you can often make you be a better you.
  • If you smoke, stop. If you drink, stop. If you don’t (high-five!) don’t start!
  • And lastly, know your diet. Diet is not a bad word, and it does not actually mean that you need to lose weight. Everyone has a diet! It means, what are you eating regularly. You should know what your health concerns are and eat to them, always strive to eat better, and try out new foods/recipes.

While being sick may mean lying around watching reruns, it is not fun. Especially if people are counting on you. Try your best to be at your best. Keep Warm!

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