How to Find a Better You

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

With my itty bitty Irish culture, I send you all a great big ol’ Slainte! While this is supposed to be about Christianity reaching Ireland, I do believe most people just use it as an excuse to party and drink (and wear green!)

I tend to think that the idea of luck and Leprechauns is much more fun to celebrate! Last year, I watched the movie Leprechauns and made brownies with green frosting with my niece&nephew. This year, I had a stomach, wore green, and tried not to think of food.

To keep things a bit light and fun, here are three things that you can do to be a better Leprechaun yourself and find a better you.

  1. Always dress to impress.
    Think about leprechauns and their very snazzy clothing! Yes, they may overdo the green, but how else are they going to blend in so well in the forest?Honestly, there is a lot to be said for dressing to impress. It shows that thought was placed in clothing selection, and that whatever the situation or event you are attending has been given the consideration and respect that the situation and hosts deserves.

    And that can only ever lead to happy riches!

  2. Think small.
    Leprechauns are small. In my mind, they are like Thumbelina small, or the size of your hands. Of course, leprechauns would come in all shapes and sizes. As long as the size is small.Thinking small isn’t the same as thinking like a small child. You can’t just get on hands and knees and know. Thinking small is about appreciating the small gestures. Someone making you a cup of tea, your clothes neatly folded for on your bed, an unexpected phone call. Small gestures to show that the other person is in your thoughts. Even just complete silence spent together can be so very rewarding. Or share a silly story of a time past.
  3. Follow the Rainbow.
    Now, don’t go thinking you will be finding any gold! Leprechauns are the only ones who can. It’s part of their magic!
    But there are certain rainbows that we, as mere magicless mortals, can follow. Parades are fun, but the thoughts behind the parades are more than just prancing up and down the streets. Many have causes and awareness that are connected to them. Being aware of more than just our little bubble selves is vital in being a good Leprechaun.As for rainbows, they are rare and in their rarity, a treat. Their beauty is often only seen for sparse moments, but it is something that is almost universally seen as a sign of good. A rainbow can come after rainfall, when the sun clears up the skies and the light passes through the airborne water particles creating a light prism. In fact, rainbows are pretty spectacular and there are a lot of varieties Even an all-red rainbow at sunrise/set! It is a sign of passing troubles and a hopeful horizon ahead. Clear skies. The Christian tie-in of rainbows, since St. Patty’s is a religious holiday, is about God’s promise to never destroy all life on Earth after Noah’s flood. Quite the storm, promise of a better tomorrow!

    For us mere lowly nonLeprechauns, we have to find our own happy occurrences to follow. We can’t get gold at the end of the rainbow, but we can spread love and happiness with hose around us. I always relent back to baking, and I think a spontaneous platter of cookies is never offensive when given with a smile.

To be the best Leprechaun, you have to take care of yourself, but never forget that you are a part of a vast collection of beings. Care for them, and they will in turn care for you. Humans and animals alike, little things here and there, sharing what you hold dear in your heart.

Many Hugs and Cookies to All!

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