20 Facts about Me – Blog D.2

20 Facts about Meh

  1. When I was little, I thought that my being a Cancer (born in July) meant that I had Cancer, the disease.
  2. My favorite color is blue. Mostly all shades of blue, but in particularly the darker ones. Then black.
  3. I am highly critical of names. There are SO MANY beautiful names out there, with rich history and meaning and namesakes to look up to (if so inclined). But the growing need/desire/craze of people making up names or creative (ie stupid) spellings for their kid is just plain old aggravating. The meaning of Mykeel (said Michael) is not “who is like God?”, it is that that boy had a crazy parent. That is the only meaning. And I will be the person that reads a name like it is written.
  4. I should have had my wisdom teeth pulled out 2 years ago. (Did a chicken cluck, or was that just me?)
  5. I do not drink, nor have I ever drank, alcohol. I see anyone who drinks as an alcoholic in training, and anyone who ‘needs’ a beer a day as an alcoholic. (This is a lot of my family. A lot.)
  6. Same with smoking.
  7. I make a lot of outdoor plans, like hiking and trips, down to the gritty detail, and then never go. I’m much more of a homebody.
  8. I surprise myself with my religious knowledge, since I actively try and avoid all talks of all religion.
  9. Back to the baby names thing, I despise the whole junior naming thing. (And this is such a big thing in Latin culture. So pretty much EVERY male in the family. At least the first borns. Mostly.) My feelings are that, the children are going to have the father’s surnames anyway. What is with the need to further claim the kid with the first and last names? The kid should be their own person, not an extension of the adults. (This realization stems from being the 3rd child, and the only one not named after a parent. My sis and mom share their name, bro and dad. Also, name obsession stems from being the only one without a middle name. I had quite a bit of a name issue growing up.)
  10. As a Latina, I really like the cultural double surname thing. I hate the hyphen names. I feel that at marriage, the woman shouldn’t change her name, but I understand that it’s a personal thing. (So it doesn’t get the eye-twitch reaction that hearing baby names do.)
  11. I love love love love love chocolate.
  12. I love baking; cookies, cakes, pies – So Yum!
  13. My radio is always on. Exception, if a M**** C**** song come on. Or a Justleave Beaver song. (No, I did spell that right.) Then the radio gets unplugged.
  14. I fandom. I fandom hard. First love, Supernatural. Second love, Batman. But there are many, many loves.
  15. I feel like the friends I have made online are very, very real friends. In some aspects, they may know me better than my RL friends. I can be crazy AND fandom/geek-out with them, all in the comfort of my PJs!
  16. My favorite thing about myself is my eyes. Ironically, can’t see them too well with my glasses!
  17. I am the last person to go to the doctor, the first to suggest it to someone else. I will try every home remedy first before I even attempt to think to go to the doctor. (Luckily, pretty healthy I am. {Yoda? No? Ok.})
  18. I constantly fret over my kids. Who do not exist yet. (Because I have not met their father yet.)
  19. I try and celebrate holidays that have nothing to do with me. Also, the National Day Ofs (like National Pie Day or National Donut Day).
  20. I am not 20 facts worth of interesting 😉

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