(Re)Reading a Beloved Classic


Since the second day of Spring actually brought us some snow, I looked into something to do inside. What a better time than to read!!

I’ve been getting e-books lately, but I wanted an actual book to read. So, a reread it was!

It’s such a wonder/blessing/quirk to see a text you can almost recite again. The story changes, but it remains the same. The events don’t change! No one magically came in and added an extra passage just to get you. But, it’s still different.

I’m not eleven, reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time. I’m not eight reading The Outsiders for the first time either.

I’m reading Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising. It’s the only one of the series that I own, but I’ve also read Greenwich. I didn’t even know there was one before Dark when I first read them, sixth grade. I enjoy them then, and now, but there are passages I don’t remember from before. There are events I can relate to better now.

Great stories, really epic ones, they tell a million stories within the lines of the same book. What resounded with me at eight or eleven or twelve, it’s not the same at twenty three. I can remember feelings from them, find that younger perspective of myself within the pages- sometimes of the same book. But, it’s different.

And it’s not a bad different. It’s just, almost like seeing a time tunnel. Glimpse into an other life. But of my own.

Seeing a movie of a book, it changes a book slightly for the next reading. The people, for one, are now “casted” in my head. Or not casted, if they are missing out. But it’s almost like a different universe of the same story. Like in comics, and their various Earths.

My twelve year old self thinks of Dark as one story universe. Today, a new universe was created, if only in my mind. A darker, more mature universe. I can relate more to the Will Stanton that he becomes, instead of the child and innocence he left behind. (Even though I probably thought back then that I got it back then too. )

What are some of your favorite classics to reread? How has the story changed for you?

(and yes, those are my books. You can see the wear of overuse on them (: )

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