Day lights Savings and Your Characters


Today, time “Springs Forward” an hour. The following Yah! is sarcastic in nature. Yah!

Sure, this time change is supposed to signify the closer we are to Spring and the hotter seasons – which after this winter, the whole of the East Coast is really looking forward to. But it also means one hour less of things. It’s supposed to be 630 as I write this, but all my clocks are now at 730. It makes me feel slightly lost.

So, as with many things in my life, i started thinking about what this implication would be on my characters. In the sense that most of the character traits and trivia are things for me, as the author, to know about the character, I doubt anyone would ever read this about them. But I would know. And that in itself is very important Rome with my characters. I want to really know them, like I would a lifelong friend or sibling.

Here are a few questions I asked myself about my characters:

  • How did they find out about the time change? Did they know? Look at a calendar? News? Someone told them?
  • How did they react?
  • How did the feel towards the change?
  • Who changed the clocks in the house? Did he change it at 2AM? Earlier? Later?
  • Does this change any of their plans that day? Will they be late? Early?
  • Did they change the time in the right direction?Someone always manages to turn it one hour the wrong way.
  • Personally, I didn’t change our clocks. Luckily, most of the clocks did that automatically! It was a confusing 2AM for me for about two minutes. (As in, wait! Wasn’t it 2 am? Where’d 2AM go! It says 3!) I have a few characters who would not have noticed. Maybe even for a week. And two who would have done it the wrong way. Luckily, both of hose characters were underage, so they weren’t even tall enough to reach most of the clocks.

    I just like knowing random stuff like this! Makes me think of the characters as individuals and more than just words on paper. Maybe a long forgotten friend, who I always knew to forget her watch, and would have found rather amusing when she arrived late to school.

    How did your characters fare?

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