Movie Review – Rise of the Guardians


North: Merry Christmas!
Bunnymund: Happy Easter!
Tooth: And don’t forget to floss!

Don’t judge a story by its predecessors! This is no ordinary fairy tale!!

Rise of the Guardians is a very delightful tale. Sure, it was slated for Christmas, but it’s not about Christmas really. ( There’s the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy to adhere to too!) Its about believing in yourself, when absolutely everyone barely acknowledges you. It’s about the power of one single person to make a movement. It’s about friendship and love. Above all, it’s about never giving up; never giving in to fear.

I could go into the voice casting, which were all excellent, but I’ll just mention my favorite – Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny. The play up on his Australian accent and how he didnt look like a bunny, there was mention of a kangaroo that Bunnymund particularly didn’t appreciate! Very funny.

Best character? Jack Frost, hands down. No character came so close to making me cry and then burst out laughing within a split second. And his never knowing about his former self, never realizing his “center, near breaks my heart again.

Funniest character? Toss up between the Elves, Sandy, and the Yetis. There’s a lot to be said for those that didn’t talk!!

I started watching the movie with my niece and nephew ( four and three respectively). They enjoyed it well enough; my niece particularly thought that the fairies were “so cute!”. My nephew thought Jack was just the funniest thing ever. However, once they finished eating, about twenty minutes in, they were gone. I however was hypnotized for the duration. I would recommend ages 7+.

Don’t dare think this is a little kid movie, as in just for kids. This is a very good story, taking man creative twists to beloved myths and tales. Also, and I didn’t know this until the credits, but there are books that the movie was based on!! I know what I’m going to be on the lookout for next bookstore outing! William Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood series. Though, there is no Jack in that one! It’s more of a prequel to he movie. The tales of the other Guardians. Still, very exciting!


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