Killing off Great Characters (or how dumb it is that DC is killing Damian Wayne aka Robin)


Next week, as many an article have informed me, DC comics seems intent on killing off yet another of Batman’s partners, Robin.

In the articles, Robin is said to go off in a heroic way. But, for those of you with little or no Batman knowledge, the current Robin is only 10 years old!

Damian Wayne is the biological son of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, and Talia Al Ghul (villain). He was pretty much a test tube baby, raised and trained by the League of Assassins.

He is rude. He is arrogant. He comes off emotionless. But he is really just a child. He wants his parents to love him and a place to belong. Damian was first Robin under Dick Grayson (who was the first Robin) at a time when the universe thought Batman was dead.

Damian isn’t even the first Robin to die. Jason Todd was the first Robin to die, he was the second Robin and the villain Red Hood once he revived. Now he is a good Red Hood with Batman Inc. Jason was fifteen and it was voted on by the people through a phone in. (Though there is a general controversy that a man set up a program to call in votes against Robin.)

Stephanie Brown was also a Robin at a time, 4th Robin, when she died. Then it was stated that she had faked her own death. Dick and Tim Drake, 3rd Robin, have had plenty of close calls too.

The thing is, Damian is finally opening up to the family. His time with Dick has made him more open and aware of not just his own feelings and emotions and needs, but of that of others. He has renounced his mother and dedicated himself to good! And now DC wants to kill him! Is going to kill him!

Makes me wonder- did they hire Joss Whedon, who has a tendency to kill of beloved characters? Or have they somehow aligned themselves with NBC, who cancels everything good?

My heart breaks for Damian and the outcome on the Batman/Wayne family. 😥

One thought on “Killing off Great Characters (or how dumb it is that DC is killing Damian Wayne aka Robin)

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