Bet you didn’t know about: Epistaxiophobia


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I have (well its not a confession, everyone who knows me more than a minute knows) a statement to make. I have nosebleeds.

Not the greatest of statements, and it probably sounds like no big deal, but with me they really are!

The story goes that when I was three, I was sweeping and my nose started to bleed. That was the first time. Right now is my must current time. It is only February and already this is my third nosebleed. So, for twenty years, over a variety of reasons and occasions, I have gotten nosebleeds.

Most nosebleeds last about a minute. Basically, it’s a blink and a miss. Just two weeks ago, a small nosebleed occurred where I woke up just to the dried pieces still in my nose. Nothing even on my pillow. However, some nosebleeds have lasted up to twenty some minutes. ( Right now, I’m at about 17 minutes, so this is one of the long ones.) the long ones leave me dizzy and as soon as I can eat, I do because I don’t want the low blood count.

The problem nosebleeds cause wih writing is that I can’t look down. Even now, this is on my cell phone, and my arms aren’t happy holding it up to my eye level. But I figured I should write this, mistakes and all.

I don’t have a fear of nosebleeds. It is my norm. I do fear bleeding out endlessly sometimes, especially when I was very little (4-9) and after I had a bloodtest because of it (Hello life lot fear of needles!!) and then again during my teens (14-17) where I started thinking of all the disadvantages. My mom wants me to get my nose checked again. Ive done t off and on throughout the years and if it’s not currently bleeding they say hey can’t see the problem. Well, I’m not about to give myself a nosebleed for their pleasure. Also, I believe the only ‘cure’ is to cauterize, or burn, the blood vessels closed. I doubt that lasts long, and I really don’t want to smell burning for any period of time. And I would likely have to do it for both nostrils.

Also, since I’m on this soapbox, I’d like to point out that you shouldn’t lean back or forward when you have nosebleeds. Stay as straight as possible. Forward just makes it come out your nose and back makes it to down your throat and (hopefully) out your mouth. Swallowing blood isn’t bad, but it can be nasty. Also, I seem to taste blood on everything for the rest of the day. Yuck. Ice on nose or forehead helps. Also, breathe through your mouth until its over. That way, your not interrupting the healing.

As always, happy writing! (hope I didn’t gross you out!)


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