Writing through Sadness

My family just lost a great man. He was a father, husband, uncle, grandfather, friend. He was full of life, smiled easy, never complained. Never complained, in a day and age when people can’t seem to do much but complain, he was still a true cowboy. He was 91. He leaves behind two of his three sons, and a granddaughter. He leaves behind his loving wife of many a years and a slew of nieces and nephews and cousins and family (of which my mom was a niece, and I a great-niece of).

But he was also dealing with two or three cancers. His last few months were mostly bedridden and slowly dismissing his hunger and activity level. It was so sad to see him like that. A man who was known to all as a great communicator an storyteller. We know he is now free from pain, and pray he is in a better place. He lost his middle son decades ago (like 40 something years ago-before my time). We lost my aunt almost 2 years now, and some cousins last year, all from illnesses. We hope they’re all together now and peaceful in an eternal life.

I don’t like to dwell on death. I often can’t think on the ‘after’, but as a writer- it tends to come up. Does your character follow a faith? In a fantasy world, is there some stamp to which they can anchor some belief into?

I kill of my fair share of characters, both beloved and loathed. I have one story that I know will remain undone because it falls to close to the heart after my aunts lost from cancer. Some stories deal with the grieving, some don’t.

As for right now, I’m thoughtful. In contrast to two years ago, where that was clearly depression, I feel almost at peace with his passing. Sad, for certain, but I’m alright with it. It helps too that everyone else seems ok too.

Love to All. Happy Writing and a Save Year to You.

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