Awards Season is Here!

It is 2013 and, like most every year, the awards season has begun!

It starts with the Peoples Choice Awards and the the Critics Choice Awards two days ago. I knew about the PCA, was so excited to see Jensen and Jared from Supernatural – kind of a BIG fan here!, but I was surprised by the CCA. Especially when so many people from PCA were at the CCA!

I will say, PCA were a bit obvious. There only seemed to be present the people that won. So you can’t tell me that an of them were surprised. Sorry Downey Jr, not even you are that great of an actor to make me believe that. I can’t believe Avengers didn’t win. Insert sad emocon here! And I concor with general consensus, if JA and JP had to lose to anyone- I’m glad it was Nathan Fillion.

As for the CCAs, I was pretty happy with them – except for the fact that movies that haven’t even premiered were awarded. I would think they would be included for NEXT year. I hadn’t even heard of Silver Lining Playbook before the awards. (Apparently, it’s a comedy) I had watched a lot of the movies mentioned – its never all! – so I agreed with most of the awards, except when Avengers didn’t win, Again!

Seriously considering making the Avengers Awards. I can Award best Hulk Smash, Funniest Line, Greatest Use of Technology, Bet Action Scene – I can totally see this working!!

I should probably mention clothing wore, because that’s what most review post seem to do, but I have NO flue. Not the slightest. I think everyone looked great that I noticed, whoever they were wearing.

And movies, and TV shows, are of course another great form of writings. Not always brilliant, sometimes not even decent, but likely still plenty difficult. Kudos to all Screenwriters!

So, what did you think? Any particular Movie/Actor/Show you feel got dubbed off of their rightful prize?



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