Movie Review – The Impossible


If ever there was a movie to make you cry, The Impossible is that movie.

Even knowing what is going to happen, it can’t prepare you for the heart aching moments of the water rush. Maybe it’s because I’m in the Superstorm Sandy Zone, at the coast of New Jersey. My family and I were unbelievably lucky, minimal property damage and no lives lost. That was not the case for everyone, and such is this family’s story.

Christmas 2004, Thailand.
The story starts off better than a travel commercial, showing great hospitality and genuine interest towards the vacationing family. The family – the Bennets – consist of the parents, Maria and Henry, and their three sons – Lucas, Thomas, and Simon. They are based off of a Spanish family, the Belóns. They had a beautiful Christmas day, but on the next day, as they are out by the pool, the unthinkable occurs.

I saw an interview with the real María Belóna, talking about how she died a few times. But she had to be strong, for her son. The fact that she never gave up, as hard as things were for her, how close she was to death – well, I can certainly see why they made a movie of it!

Much credit has to be given to the young actors. Tom Holland as Lucas Bennett, the oldest son, was beautiful. His strength physically, mentally, and probably spiritually, was amazing. As the eldest son, he was used to caring for his brothers, and he is a bright boy, so while it looked difficult he was able to help out where he could. Samuel Joslin as the middle son Thomas, caring for his little brother when he had never had to care for him before brought me to tears (for about the fourth time by that point in the movie). And Oaklee Pendergast was adorable as youngest Simon.

I had heard/read reviews with people complaining that the family was English instead of Spanish, like the original family. Honestly, the story is so beyond that that it so really doesn’t matter. I read that the Thai people in the movie were actual survivors from the actual Tsunami. Seeing the overall humanity and aide everyone provided for each other was much more important. There are many moments that are very cliche, but overall an overwhelming telling. There are many smaller stories that aren’t resolved, but I would believe that would take weeks for that story. As is real life.


I would give the movie a 4.5/5. Just so much love for this film!!

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