NANOWRIMO. Day Eighteen.

Nano Gem#1

Your Character will surprise you. Go with it.

If your character is doing something that goes against your plot, seriously- just go with it. For one, don’t challenge the muse! If you don’t follow with its story, it might just leave you in anger. And boy is it a doozy making up to a muse! Secondly, no plot is set in stone. Some might seem stupid, but even a small aversion can become a major story gem. You need know! Lastly, though they originated in your brain, and you are the writer that is writing out each and every word, you are not your character! Even your best friend can surprise you in their actions. Treat you characters like your friends. Let them be and be there for them when they need you. Lastly, way way way later, like the seemingly long yet ominously close December, you can edit. There is always time edit it later. Now, it’s time to write!!

Good luck and have fun!!

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