NANOWRIMO. Day Sixteen.

Past the half way mark in more than two ways!


Yes, we are now past not only the 15th, but I have surpassed 25K words. I know, insane! Most years, I have been maybe a thousand or two ahead of schedule. Sometimes. that also means when I Miss a day, I’ve playing the catch up game.

And there is THIS year. Holy smokes! This year, I got 4K words out (almost) in the first day. That is the kicker. the more words out on the first few days, the easier it is to add a few more each day.

Currently, I am not getting out as many words as I had hoped. I don’t think I’ll be done by Thanksgibing,like I had been hoping. I do, however, think it will be pretty close.

I might even make it to 60K by the end of the month.

I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. But really? Oh Well!

Keep on Writing!!

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