A Quote About Why We Write

The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar and familiar things new. ~Samuel Johnson

Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow…~ Lawrence Clark Powell (American Librarian, Writer, and Critic 1906-2001

Why do we write? If it’s to be rich and famous… well good luck with that! Writing is an art form, and art is an expression. So we write to express ourselves!

Do we take the reader into account? Yes! And no! We have to write the story in our heads and hearts. We can’t focus on what has been written, not only because that’s plagiarism, but because it’s not true to ourselves. We have probably read at least a dozen of great stories. Most of us keep to genres we like. And within those genres, things repeat themselves. Even in autobiographies and memoirs, how many stories are about overcoming poverty, illness, or any number of like obstacles? Oh, I’d say ALL of them! But does that make them any less good? Maybe a few, but mostly, no!

A good story is more that just its components. It’s the storyteller. The emotions one writer portrays will be different than that of their peers. Even in series novels, with more than one author, you can see differences among them. Are the stories any less good? Likely not! But every person, with all our similarities and commonness, is different. Why should our writing be any different?

Don’t try to conform to a set template of writing. Your doing it wrong! Write how YOU write. It will take time, might cause a few pulsating veins and gray hairs, but at the end, I hope you know it’s worth it!!

Happy writing, Writers!!

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