Something to Think About…Bad Books

Just read an (semi) old post about books. In particular, it was about bad books. We have ALL read bad books. We have all read great books too! And we all know it’s pretty hard sometimes to separate one from the other.

First, NYTimes Bestseller list is NOT a list of the best books out there. It’s a list of the best selling books. I don’t want to trash any one writer, because just completing a story makes you AWESOME in my book. But – well, I AM going to trash one writer – when books like Twilight are looked upon like the Holy Grail to literature, I start to worry about where the lit world is heading. That series had so many grammqar, etc. mistakes, I could just about pull my hair. But that would hurt me, and do nothing to the book. However, Twilight was about to tell a compelling story. Does it make me want to smash my head over a brick, sometimes.

Secondly, each reader is to be their own judge. If you read it and like it, Kudos! If you read it and feel like you wasted your hours/days/ etc reading it- Yikes! But, it happens. I for one (and no stone throwing okay!) cannot stand The Great Gatsby or The Scarlet Letter. I warned friends about the Great Gatsby when we were reading it in school, but some of them came to their own conclusion that they DID like it. Great for them! Honestly, I am happy that they were able to enjoy the story. I can’t think about the novel without wanting to throw Daisy and Co. into a deep, deep pool. Just saying. I LOVED Jay Gatsby, HE was great. The story? A classic romance novel? Pah-lease!

As a writer, I think we all have our good ideas, and our not-so-good ideas. (And the really, really bad ideas we put to the bottom of the drawer and hope no one ever ever has to find out about.)  My idea book is filled with ideas, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to write them all! A few of the ideas turn otu to be a pretty good tie in with another idea, building a story better, but other ideas are just left there to remind me that not everything that comes from my (superb and magnificent) brain is as flawless and riveting as I wish them to be.

So write your great book! If you turn out writing the next Twilight series, know that you had a good story. Some will like it, some won’t. It’s still better to have written, than never to have written at all. And read When Bad Books Happen to Good Writers, it makes you feel better, trust me!

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