May Days

In radio terms, mayday means “come help me”. May Day as a date means the first of May, and often time signifies the beginning of different celebrations. In terms of writing, May Day is my internal cry for help – from character overload.

I haven’t posted since March. I’m certain I meant to post something, anything, in April. It was a fairly good month. A bit hectic, but then again when isn’t it? In truth, there is no good reason I can recall for having gone a whole month without posting.

Except, of course, the fact that April seemed to bring with it a lot and plenty of ideas. I know for a fact not all of these ideas are good ones. But the muse wants what the muse wants. Any time that the muse is pumping out ideas is a good thing, so I don’t tend to ignore him. (He’s not very fond of being ignored, at all.)

Usually, I’ll get a new idea every now and then. Maybe once a month. I get general plot points, some characters. Rarely a setting, those usually come much later. Usually, my ‘new’ ideas are additions to things I’m already working on.

This April however, and I had a new idea about every other day. Normally, this would be good. This would be great, especially considering the alternative could be Writer’s Block, yikes! But this left me no time for actually writing. Let’s not even begin on the lack of research. Instead, I went over names and names and plot points, jotting and scribbling away these maddened ramblings of my mind.I’m sure there were a few good things in there. Maybe some things I can change over to actual stories I’m already developing.

I certainly Hope so, at least.

Any way, I hope to get actual words out in May. Not just on the site, as updates, but on the stories themselves. What good are they if I can’t get a first draft together or complete a rewrite? What good are ideas, if I never get a chance to flesh them out before a new open comes knocking.

Sadly, these are all book ideas that I would pay to read about. Or, at the least, check them out of the library. Am I the only writer ever to suffer from an overactive muse, I wonder?

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