Kill My Cuties

Like in my last post, in stuck thinking about ideas. Ideas that stick are the best kind, since they’re the ones that are most likely to keep coming at you, attacking you day and night, until they’re written.

Killing your cuties, or your babies -or however you view your idea/stories- is more bizarre and intense than just killing off a character. It’s letting the whole of the idea die.

I’ve become a tad (read A Lot) obsessed with the site TVTropes, and as such, I go through the categories depending on what’s currently on my mind. If I’m hungry, I can look up Foods and get all kinds of groups talking about silly things like Trademark Favorite Foods, laughing as I remember Kyle Sour Patch Kids obsession or all the Tabasco sauce Michael, Max and Isabella used. I’ve found new books and TV series in this way. (Seriously, I’m watching and enjoying The Vampire Diaries now, just because of certain tropes assigned to Damon.)

I like this site, because it shows what works. If your trying to not be cliche, this site gives a pretty decent bases to realize your great new idea, is maybe not so new. It could still be great. None of those pages have just the one book/show/movie/etc assigned to them. Your idea could still be great.

It could also show you that it’s time to kill your cutie.

And while your muse might start channeling Annie’s It’s a Hard-knock Life, it still holds true.

I still think one of my best ideas come at age 11, in sixth grade math with my best friend and a sheet of graphing paper we weren’t graphing on. It’s no Good Will Hunting, but we were stoked about it. Then she moved and I’ve never collaborated with someone on a story since. I’ve never really shared my writing dream with someone the same way again.

Killed that cutie!

Since then, many a good idea has met the bin. Usually after hitting a brick wall in the maze of writing, and turning around to see your muse ran off to join the circus. He won’t return with any stories to share anytime soon and the story flatlines.

It sucks to let those stories go, all that time wasted plotting and character building. Still better the memory than the anchor.

Happy Writing!

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