Since the Super Bowl Clearly Wasn’t Enough…

…I’ve been watching a lot of football lately. As in movies and TV shows. As in I’m now going through the episodes of NBC’s Friday Night Lights.

Yes, I’m well aware that the show is over. Yes, it would have been smarter to follow the show when it actually was on. But, well what is the fun in that?

I’ve also been re-watching Varisty Blues, Rudy, and even AirBud-the football and basketball versions. Being a girl, I never played football. At least not in school. I had a pretty good arm for a few years, back in middle school, but I have no idea how well I could do now. Probably really not well. Probably terribly bad.

So, I remain to watch it on the screen, enjoying the ups and downs (and inevitable wins). It’s inspiring! Right?

That and a fair mix of all of the Vampires on TV has to kick start and maintain the muse somehow.

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